TAC stage system is a technical roof, supported on 4 steel towers 780 KLY, all covered by a tentkeder profiles PVC canopy, also used in walls.

The roof covers an area between 25.20 and 36.00 in sections of 3.60 meters wide x 18.00 meters deep and has a load capacity of over 80 tons, depending on the load distribution. The maximum scenic area is 25.20 meters wide which can be reduced in sections of 3.60 meters to a minimum of 14.40 meters and a depth of 18.00 meters. On both sides of the support towers of the roof, there are technical areas 5.40 meters wide x 18 meters deep. The background of the stage is also modulable according to needs. The maximum height of the roof to the ground is 19.40 meters, which can be reduced by meters.

This type of stages can be adapted and customized
according to the needs of our customers.